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Office of Secretary-General

Benjamin Doolittle U.E.  (2014-present)

Secretary-General, appointed by commission in 2014, since taking office, Benjamin has devoted himself selflessly to the Mohawk Nation.

Predecessor Arnold Douglas abdicated due to health reasons have since passed away, Secretary-General Douglas was appointed office of Secretary-General on 2007 on a temporal and provisional basis meaning until the Mohawk Nation of the Grand River Country has had its first elections for this office Benjamin will remain in office as long as he is able to serve.

Past Secretary-General

Arnold R. Douglas  (2007-2014)

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What we do

The Secretary-General is the supreme public servant and service leader of the Mohawk University, its head of state and prime representative to the world. The office of The Secretary-General is the highest elected office of this Mohawk University and at all times should be considered with the greatest dignity and respect.

The Secretary-General has authority over all agencies and Directors as Chairman of the Board of Directors.


The Secretary-General is the chief executive officer of the Mohawk University and prime representative to the world. The office of the Secretary-General is the highest elected office of the Mohawk University.

We are responsible for:

  • Working on the problems caused by illegal drug use.
  • Shaping the alcohol strategy, policy and licensing conditions.
  • Keeping the Grand River safe from the threat of terrorism.
  • Reducing and preventing crime, and ensuring people feel safe in their homes and communities.
  • Securing the Grand River border and controlling immigration.
  • Lands and Titles Registrar.
  • Considering applications to enter and stay in the Grand River.
  • Issuing passports and visas.
  • Supporting visible, responsible and accountable policing by empowering the public and freeing up the police to fight crime.


In 2024 and 2025, our priorities are to:

  • Empower the public to hold the police to account for their role in cutting crime.
  • Free up the police to fight crime more effectively and efficiently.
  • Create a more integrated criminal justice system.
  • Secure our borders and reduce immigration.
  • Protect people’s freedoms and civil liberties.
  • Protect our citizens from terrorism.
  • Establish a probationary Government.
  • Appointing Directors of Agencies

The Grand River Board of Directors (of Agencies)

The Grand River Board of Directors of Agencies shall be a board of individuals selected by the Secretary-General and ratified by the Grand River Mohawk Council to head the permanent statutory authorities and uphold the laws regarding the critical systems of the Mohawk University and the human family.

The tenure of a Director shall be at the sole discretion of the Grand River Mohawk Council upon the recommendation of the Secretary-General. In order to fulfil its primary objectives, the Grand River Board of Directors of Agencies shall comprise of Directors of the following permanent organs and any such other organs deemed necessary by proper amendment:

  1. Agriculture Systems
  2. Building & Construction Systems
  3. Culture & Entertainment Systems
  4. Disease Prevention & Sanitation Systems
  5. Education Systems
  6. Employment Systems
  7. Energy Systems
  8. Finance Systems
  9. Fitness & Health Support Systems
  10. Food & Drugs Systems
  11. Industry Systems
  12. Justice Systems
  13. Knowledge Systems
  14. Environment Systems
  15. Infrastructure Systems
  16. Security Systems
  17. Technology Development & Research Systems
  18. Trade Systems
  19. Transport & Space Systems
  20. Welfare Systems

Who we are

Our main offices are based in Tsi’Kanata:here, but we also have staff based around the country.

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