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Ó:SE KENHIONHATA:TIE + Our Country, Our Law, Our Future

The Mohawk University of Grand River CountryThe Mohawk Charitable Foundation for Grand River and learning organization (“Mohawk University”) exists to provide services to its members; and to enter into mutually beneficial relationships with other charitable foundations, non member persons, states and other parties.

The Charitable Foundation is a non incorporated, pre-columbian longbody existing within the metes and bounds of A’nowara’ko:wa, for greater certainty but not limited to the Grand River Country (“Haldimand Province”). The first charitable foundation to be formed under the jurisdiction of the Mohawk Nation of Grand River Country.

The Mohawk University will provide services to all members and non-members under its jurisdiction until another Mohawk Nation foundation becomes ratified, at such point any Mohawk Nation members beyond the Grand River would come under the jurisdiction of their own respective Mohawk Nation foundation.

The directors of the Mohawk University welcome any interest and look forward to a further expansion of the Mohawk Nation.

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