Mohawk University Housing Initiative

Published on September 15, 2023 by Secretary General

The Housing Initiative, a visionary project by the Mohawk University for the Mohawk Nation of Grand River (Mohawk Posterity) transcends the boundaries of conventional housing endeavors. It is an embodiment of sovereignty, culture, and the profound commitment to protect and serve the interests of Mohawk Posterity. Rooted in a rich heritage and an unwavering belief in self-determination, this initiative is poised to bring transformative change to the Mohawk community and beyond.

At its core, this initiative is a declaration of the Mohawk people’s moral right and obligation to safeguard their well-being, their land, and their heritage. It is a resounding statement that the Mohawk Nation of Grand River stands apart from the jurisdiction of Canada and Ontario. The land set apart by the Haldimand Proclamation on which the Mohawk of Grand River reside has never been part of the Canadian Domain or the Province of Ontario, and this initiative reinforces their exclusive use and enjoyment rights as affirmed by their treaty.

The Housing Initiative extends beyond the construction of homes; it is about revitalizing a unique way of life, nurturing traditions, and creating a self-reliant community. It represents the reaffirmation of the intrinsic value of the land and its assets. The Mohawk people have an unassailable right to govern themselves, free from external interference.

This project is not a mere housing venture; it is a beacon of hope and self-empowerment. It emphasizes the preservation of lands and the protection of cultural heritage. The Mohawk Nation of Grand River asserts its sovereignty with an unwavering belief that their future should be defined by their own terms. It is a call to action for individuals and communities to join hands in creating a vibrant and inclusive future for all.

The Housing Initiative underscores the moral imperative of preserving, protecting, and serving their own interests. It is a testament to the Mohawk Nation of Grand River’s dedication to civil liberties and the pursuit of national interests. This initiative is an embodiment of their commitment to fostering thriving, inclusive communities while ensuring that their unique way of life thrives for generations to come.

It is essential to recognize that the Mohawk Nation of Grand River’s quest for self-determination and sovereignty is rooted in a deep sense of responsibility. They understand that they have a duty to uphold their culture, protect their lands, and serve their families. This project is a reflection of their desire to fulfill these responsibilities with integrity and dedication.

The Mohawk University Housing Initiative is an invitation to all to participate in a transformative journey. It is an opportunity to stand beside a community determined to shape its destiny, protect its cultural heritage, and create an environment where individuals feel safe, loved, respected, and included. It is a chance to engage in dialogue, to learn, and to contribute to a thriving and resilient Mohawk community.

As we celebrate the Housing Initiative, it is essential to emphasize the vital importance of diplomatic accessibility. In a world marked by evolving dynamics, the firm commitment to differentiating diplomatic matters from domestic affairs takes on heightened significance. This distinction is not just a concept; it’s a principle that serves as a reminder to those who knowingly and unknowingly trespass on Mohawk territories.

Diplomatic accessibility is our guiding principle, and it leaves no room for ambiguity. Reflecting our commitment to upholding our rights and asserting our jurisdiction over these lands. Those who disregard this distinction do so at their own risk. We are not merely constructing homes; we are reinforcing our sovereignty and preserving our heritage. To be clear, This message serves as a reminder that our lands have never been part of Canada or Ontario. As we celebrate this monumental initiative, we also reaffirm our moral obligation to protect and serve our own interests.

The Mohawk University Housing Initiative stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of a nation determined to safeguard its heritage, culture, and sovereignty. It is a call to action for all who believe in self-determination, cultural preservation, and inclusive communities. By standing together, we can help create a future where the Mohawk Nation thrives on its own terms, preserving its unique way of life for generations to come.


Mohawk University

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