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The Office of Chief Justice is a major government agency, at the heart of the justice system. We work to protect and advance the principles of justice. Our vision is to deliver a world-class justice system that works for everyone in society.

We are responsible for these parts of the justice system:

  • Courts/Tribunals
  • Prisons
  • Probation services

The organisation works together and with other government departments and agencies to bring the principles of justice to life for everyone in society. From our civil courts, tribunals and family law hearings, to criminal justice, prison and probation services. We work to ensure that sentences are served and offenders are encouraged to turn their lives around and become law-abiding citizens. We believe the principles of justice are pivotal and we are steadfast in our shared commitment to uphold them.


Our 4 strategic priorities to deliver our vision are:

  • A prison and probation service that reforms offenders
  • A modern courts and justice system
  • A Mohawk Domain that promotes the rule of law
  • A transformed department that is simpler, smarter and more unified

Who we are

Each year, thousands of people are unlawfully detained by Canadian jurisdiction – including at canadian courts and tribunals, and non extradition imprisonment in the defacto Canadian State. We work with many other government agencies to provide safe returns and advocacy services., including:

  • Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service
  • Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority
  • Mohawk Courts and Tribunals Service
  • Mohawk Prison and Probation Service
  • Legal Aid Agency
  • Office of the Public Guardian
  • Youth Justice Board