Grand River Board of Directors (of agencies)

The Grand River Board of Directors of Agencies shall be a board of individuals selected by the Secretary-General and ratified by the Grand River Mohawk Council to head the permanent statutory authorities and uphold the laws regarding the critical systems of the Mohawk University.

Permanent Directorships

In order to fulfill its primary objectives, the Grand River Board of Directors of Agencies shall comprise of Directors of the following permanent organs and any such other organs deemed necessary:

  • Building & Construction Systems
  • Culture & Entertainment Systems
  • Disease Prevention & Sanitation Systems
  • Education Systems
  • Employment Systems
  • Energy Systems
  • Finance Systems
  • Fitness & Health Support Systems
  • Food & Drugs Systems
  • Industry Systems
  • Justice Systems
  • Knowledge Systems
  • Natural Eco-Systems
  • Planning Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Technology Development & Research Systems
  • Trade Systems
  • Transport & Space Systems
  • Temporary Assistance Systems