Mohawk University

The word university originates from the Latin word universitas meaning “the whole, total, the universe, the world”. The Mohawk word for Universe “Ionterihwaienstahkhwa’kó:wa” which translates literally into “the great place of study.

The word was chosen to describe the largest administrative division of government and administration of the Grand RIver Country in recognition of the occupational forces of Mohawk Nation into administrative divisions following the complete conquest and lawful possession of all land, sea, earth and atmosphere within the boundaries of the Grand River Country.

The Executive Power of the Mohawk University shall be vested in an executive government comprising a Grand River Mohawk Council, a Secretariat (Secretary-General) and the Grand River Board of Directors of Agencies (Grand River Board of Directors).

Operating as a probationary Government formed by the commission and appointment under oath of separate members to the offices of President, Vice President Domestic Affairs, Vice President International Affairs, Chancellor, Treasurer, Curator, Secretary General, Chief Justice and Media Counsel.

The Secretariat

The Grand River Mohawk Council shall hand the day to day executive authority and responsibility of the Mohawk University to a Secretary-General and a Grand River Board of Directors of Agencies.

The Secretary-General is the chief executive officer of the Mohawk University and prime representative to the world. The office of the Secretary-General is the highest elected office of the Mohawk University.

The Grand River Board of Directors (of Agencies)

The Grand River Board of Directors of Agencies shall be a board of individuals selected by the Secretary-General and ratified by the Grand River Mohawk Council to head the permanent statutory authorities and uphold the laws regarding the critical systems of the Mohawk University and the human family. The tenure of a Director shall be at the sole discretion of the Grand River Mohawk Council upon the recommendation of the Secretary-General. In order to fulfil its primary objectives, the Grand River Board of Directors of Agencies shall comprise of Directors of the following permanent organs and any such other organs deemed necessary by proper amendment:

  1. Agriculture Systems
  2. Building & Construction Systems
  3. Culture & Entertainment Systems
  4. Disease Prevention & Sanitation Systems
  5. Education Systems
  6. Employment Systems
  7. Energy Systems
  8. Finance Systems
  9. Fitness & Health Support Systems
  10. Food & Drugs Systems
  11. Industry Systems
  12. Justice Systems
  13. Knowledge Systems
  14. Environment Systems
  15. Infrastructure Systems
  16. Security Systems
  17. Technology Development & Research Systems
  18. Trade Systems
  19. Transport & Space Systems
  20. Navigation Systems
  21. Welfare Systems