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  • Introduction:

    We, the undersigned residents and supporters residing on Mohawk territories, wish to express our resolute endorsement of the visionary initiatives undertaken by Mohawk University. These transformative projects, the Mohawk University Housing Initiative and the Mohawk University Drivers Program, signify our unwavering commitment to safeguarding the well-being and interests of the Mohawk community.

    The Mohawk University Housing Initiative extends beyond conventional housing endeavors; it encapsulates our shared dedication to preserving the rich cultural heritage and exclusive rights held by the Mohawk people to use and enjoy these lands. We firmly believe that the well-being of Mohawk families and the revitalization of age-old traditions should take precedence. Furthermore, we wholeheartedly support the Mohawk University Drivers Program as it plays a pivotal role in promoting road safety and protecting our treaty rights. We acknowledge the importance of educating all residents and visitors about Mohawk territories to ensure responsible conduct that respects and upholds our unique way of life.

    Mission Statement:

    Our mission is to rally behind the Mohawk University Initiatives, acknowledging that a thriving community benefits everyone residing on these lands. We respect and uphold the exclusive use and enjoyment rights of the Mohawk Nation and the significance of cultural preservation.

  • Petition Statement:

    We, the undersigned, affirm our support for the following Mohawk University initiatives:

    The Housing Initiative: We recognize the importance of providing safe, affordable housing for Mohawk families while preserving cultural heritage and exclusive use and enjoyment rights. We support the construction and nationalization of homes on unused lands and liberated properties.

    The Drivers Program: We acknowledge the economic opportunities and self-sufficiency created by driver training and employment programs, reducing reliance on external transportation services.

    By signing this petition, we, the general public and residents, unite in our collective commitment to prioritize Mohawk interests, protect our shared heritage, and assert the exclusive use and enjoyment rights held by the Mohawk Nation. Together, we can shape a future where our community thrives on its own terms, fostering a vibrant and inclusive environment for all while acknowledging the continuity of a private society that traces its origins to a pre-Columbian era.

    We express our commitment to fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment where the principles of self-determination, cultural preservation, and unity are upheld. We believe in the importance of dialogue, mutual respect, and shared progress for all members of the Mohawk University community.

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