Pledge of Solidarity

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I hereby pledge:

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1. To unequivocally recognize the Mohawk Nation of Grand River exclusive rights, held as a private society, over these ancestral lands—a right upheld by the Haldimand Proclamation of 1784.

2. To stand resolutely alongside the Mohawk community in unwavering unity, fostering mutual respect and understanding, and acknowledging my role in upholding these rights.

3. To actively support and partake in initiatives that safeguard Mohawk culture, heritage, and sovereignty, acknowledging these rights as intrinsic within the Canadian democratic structure.

4. To fearlessly challenge any encroachments upon Mohawk lands or misunderstandings that may undermine these rights, thereby ensuring justice prevails.

5. To wholly commit to the preservation of exclusive use and enjoyment rights for Mohawk descendants, recognizing that the concept of an innocent third party purchaser or claims of laches cannot be invoked on treaty lands, thereby waiving my right to such defenses.

6. To recognize that those who have pledged allegiance to the King of Canada are intrinsically bound by our allied relationship and the Haldimand Proclamation. Encroachment upon Mohawk lands not only violates the rule of law but also breaches the sacred oath taken.

By taking this pledge, I acknowledge my duty and unwavering dedication to justice, upholding our historic connections, the principles of law, and my role in protecting Mohawk rights. This pledge serves as a solemn commitment to uphold these values and to stand firmly in solidarity with the Mohawk Nation.

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