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PRESS RELEASE: Mohawk University Announces Two Groundbreaking Initiatives

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TSI’KANATA:HERE, — Mohawk University, a learning organization dedicated to advancing the rights and well-being of the Mohawk Nation of Grand River, is proud to unveil two transformative initiatives designed to empower our [...]

September 15, 2023

Unraveling the True Meaning and Impact of Land Acknowledgments

Introduction Land acknowledgments have surged in popularity in recent years as a way for organizations and individuals to recognize and honor the traditional indigenous territories upon which they reside. These acknowledgments can take various forms, from [...]

July 26, 2023

Understanding the Complexities of Dissolving Innocent Third-Party Purchaser Status

The legal doctrine of "Laches" concerns negligence in fulfilling a duty or taking advantage of an opportunity. Specifically, it refers to an undue delay in asserting a legal right or privilege. This defense is often raised [...]

July 23, 2023

Preserving Autonomy and Exclusive Use of Lawfully Acquired Lands

Deep in the heart of the Grand River, a unique community thrives in a land that remains untouched by Canadian sovereignty. The Mohawks, possessing total autonomy and exclusive use of their acquired territory, continue to [...]

July 19, 2023

Journey to Prove and Certify Ancestral lineage and legal Posterity

In a world where it's easy to lose your identity, Benjamin Doolittle UE was able to find evidence that he was the legal heir of the lands acquired by a special treaty known as the [...]

April 5, 2023